Wish to employ a virtual assistant, but not sure if you’ve the budget? The main problem for most company owners seeking to outsource their activities is how much a virtual assistant is going to cost them. While many factors determine the cost of virtual assistant, it is possible to find a virtual assistant that fits your budget. To assist you out, this article will break down the essential elements that affect virtual assistant costs.

What does a virtual assistant do? A virtual assistant provides services to businesses and entrepreneurs over the internet. While they work remotely, they could still access the information and tools needed to do the job. Most virtual assistants are independent contractors or freelancers with a specialised set of skills. Nevertheless, you also have a virtual assistant companies that offer virtual assistants for a host of activities such as:

– Administrative duties
– Managing e-mail correspondence
– Organizing your calendar
– Data entry
– Financial planning
– Client service
– Graphic design
– WordPress web site management
– Digital online advertising

How much does a virtual assistant cost? There is no standard rate. Virtual assistants can charge anywhere between £5 to over £100 per hour! Virtual assistant prices largely depend on several core factors such as:

– The type of work they do
– The experience they’ve
– Where they are located
– The size and length of your project

So how much is a virtual assistant going to cost you? To assist you estimate what you will have to pay for a virtual assistant, let’s take a look at 3 key factors:

The type of work they do. Are you searching for a VA who will manage your social network accounts? Or, are you looking for copywriting services? The money you pay mainly depends upon the services you are getting from them. For instance, if it is a task like handling telephone calls or scheduling appointments, you’d be paying about £5 to £20 per hour. When browsing VA marketplaces, look carefully at virtual assistant job descriptions. This may determine the rates they will probably charge you. To assist you to get started, here are four types of virtual assistant services and their average hourly rates:

– Administrative Services. A virtual administrative assistant performs routine clerical and admin tasks such as maintaining contact lists, handling telephone calls and e-mails, and more. If you are looking to employ a virtual administrative assistant from the UK, you will have to pay them about £15 to £25+ per hour.
– Executive Services. Virtual executive assistants perform a lot of the jobs administrative assistants perform. In some cases, executive assistants also perform high level administrative duties like project management, preparing business proposals, and planning business events. The average hourly rate of a virtual executive assistant from the UK varies between £30 to £40+.
– Accounting and bookkeeping services. A lot of companies hire virtual financial assistants to execute tasks like preparing ledgers and balance sheets, invoicing, sales tax reporting and managing bill payments. The average hourly rate for virtual accounting and book keeping services from the UK is £15 to £25+.
– Miscellaneous services. Data entry and advertising are a number of the typical miscellaneous VA providers that SMBs and entrepreneurs such as real estate professionals need. Some common miscellaneous VA providers are ecommerce product information entry, social network management , property research, search engine optimization, email marketing, and many more. To hire such virtual assistants from the UK, you will have to pay around £10 to £20+ per hour.

The experience level. Another essential aspect impacting virtual assistant payment rate is their level of experience. Typically, virtual assistants with more experience charge more. The key is to ascertain how experienced your virtual assistant should be. For instance, if you are outsourcing a job like social network marketing, it is better to employ a VA with 3 to 4 years of experience. While they will charge more for their services, they will be capable of understanding the social network landscape and provide faster results. If you simply need someone to upload social network posts, you can hire a virtual assistant with zero to one year of experience.

The location they work from. Ever wonder why so many companies hire digital assistants out of India and the Philippines? It is because it is cheaper! Virtual assistants from all of these nations charge much less than their counterparts from the UK and Europe. For instance, the average hourly rate for a virtual assistant from India is about a quarter of a UK based VA, which is around £15-30. However, in some cases, communication and cultural barriers can be an issue.