A virtual assistant would do pretty much everything a social media manager does – except they work from a remote location. Hiring a social media virtual assistant is a fantastic way to up your brand exposure, increase inbound traffic, optimise your SEO and lower your marketing costs.

What a social media virtual assistant can do for you:

• Set up and manage your social network profiles.
• Create content.
• Manage posts schedules.
• Engage with your audience.
• Manage your blog.
• Create and send newsletters.

The key benefits of hiring a social media virtual assistant.

• Increased efficiency. Business owners should be able to focus on core tasks that fuel growth and outsource the non-core tasks, like social media.
• Lower costs. Hiring a full – time employee will usually be more expensive than hiring a virtual assistant. Virtual assistants generally charge hourly rates and are flexible.
• No training costs. Social media assistants usually have years of experience with social media management – they will not require training, minimizing your costs.
• Boost your productivity. A virtual assistant will free up your time and boost your productivity. They will handle all those repetitive tasks that take a lot of time and effort.
• Grow your online presence. An established online presence generates brand recognition.

A social media virtual assistant can help improve your social media reach and engagement, review and refresh your social media profiles for search optimization, brand consistency and website integration.

Final thoughts…
By hiring a virtual assistant, you can ensure your business is growing and you are able to focus on what you do best. With remote work on the rise, more and more businesses are turning to virtual assistant to manage their social media platforms. Social media virtual assistant services are the latest and most cost-effective solution to help you tackle those time-consuming, but necessary tasks.