It’s undeniable that there’s a strong feeling of uncertainty in the country due to Brexit. This uncertainty impacts business confidence. Brexit will impact everybody living in the UK. However, businesses would be most affected due to the impact of changes in the movement of goods, services and people. Every industry will be affected by Brexit due to the potential economic impacts. Some industries will be affected more than others such as financial services, but it is the businesses that trade internationally that would be most affected.

In times of uncertainty, you would want to keep a close eye on spending budgets, which requires flexibility and adaptability. The businesses that adapt are most likely to survive. The flexibility and agility offered by virtual assistants could help you get through Brexit successfully. The unclear future has an impact on staff hiring decisions – the jobs market is gently weakening for permanent roles. Employers are turning to temporary work to support their business. Virtual assistants are flexible remote workers able to work at times that suit the client. You can develop more flexible work schedules to maximize performance and increase output while managing costs. And, if virtual assistants do not meet your standards their status as an individual contractor means that finding a replacement is not as costly as it would be for a full-time assistant.

“And the most successful people are those who accept and adapt to constant change. This adaptability requires a degree of flexibility and humility most people can’t manage.” Paul Lutus.

On top of providing great flexibility and adaptability, virtual assistants can help you with:

  • Getting organised and prepared. Organisation can save time and money. Here is how a virtual assistant can help you get organised and prepared for Brexit:
  • A virtual assistant can help you coordinate your days, weeks and months pre and post Brexit by taking over the coordination of all your appointments and management of your diary.
  • A virtual assistant can help you organise all of your travel and get prepared for all the changes that a deal or no deal would bring. From 31 October 2019 there could be significant disruption at borders when travelling between the EU and UK. Travellers are bound to face longer lines and crowds at the airport, and possibly have to take out separate travel insurance in a no-deal Brexit scenario.
  • A virtual assistant will allow you to focus more on your business by taking away the most time-consuming tasks from you allowing you to focus on thinking strategically during turbulent times. Virtual assistants can assist with your organisational skills and productivity by freeing up your time for you to focus on other important activities.
  • Enhancing your marketing strategy and following up with prospects. Virtual assistants can help you boost your digital marketing and SEO tasks, manage your social and marketing campaigns and take charge of your content marketing campaigns.
  • Doom and gloom surrounding Brexit is not all-encompassing. Some businesses may actually benefit from Brexit, no matter the outcome. A virtual assistant can help businesses with their marketing and outreach efforts so you can be fully prepared for what the post – Brexit world brings.