There are many ways to promote a business; one effective method that is often overlooked is running an event. Unfortunately, if you don’t have time to focus on the essentials of event planning, running them can be complex. For this reason businesses are now, more than ever, seeking the help of a virtual assistant who can manage the event on their behalf.

Some of the tasks planners have to take care of for their events includes researching venues, co-ordinating catering, liaising with suppliers, and managing registration. If you feel there aren’t enough hours in the day to manage this, hiring a virtual assistant to ensure that your events run smoothly and efficiently might be the best solution. They will efficiently complete the extensive job of event planning or party organising with ease.

Event management is the process of organising a festival, a ceremony, competition, party, convention, or business meeting, etc. The planning stage includes defining budgets, the establishment of dates and alternative dates, the selection and reservation of the venue, acquisition of licenses and co-ordination of transportation and parking. It also includes some or all of the following activities depending on the type of event: creation/development of the event’s theme, provision of speakers, local co-ordination (e.g. electricity and other utilities), decorations, tables, chairs, security, catering, portable bathrooms, parking, signage, emergency plans and health and cleaning professionals.

The first step in organising an event is to determine its objective. Once the objective is established, the planner can pick the entertainment, venue, invitees list, speakers and content. Once the venue is picked, the organiser can start planning the event with the rest of the team, procure entertainment and keep the client up to date. Once all has been established, the planner possesses all the details needed to map out the components of the event such as catering, music, invitees, budget, marketing, decorations, etc.

Here are some ways a virtual assistant can help you manage an event:

  • Research. A virtual assistant can research the best venue options for your event, the right speakers for your content, the suppliers that provide the best value for money, and the most suitable entertainment and catering.
  • Promote your event. A virtual assistant can provide social media marketing support and help with other marketing support services.
  • Liaise with suppliers. Virtual assistant event planners can help you negotiate the best prices, make bookings and manage payments.
  • Co-ordinate speakers and stall holders. Virtual assistants can help manage this aspect of the event ensuring that all invited parties participate effectively in the event.
  • Communication. Your assistant can deal with all the communication relating to the event.
  • Budgets and project management. Turn over responsibility for revenue tracking and invoicing to your virtual assistant. They can also manage all aspects of the planning, tracking deadlines, and completed tasks using a collaborative event planning system.
  • Travel. Your virtual assistant can handle all travel arrangements for you and your most important guests.