There always comes a time in every small business owner’s life when they take a look at their list of activities and realize that simply cannot get all of it done. Too many e-mails to answer, too many customers to on-board, too many advertising campaigns to organise, whatever the case, you need help. Enter: virtual assistants. Virtual assistants are remote contractors that may take on several odd jobs in your company. They might concentrate on a specific set of administrative duties, or they may serve as a jack-of all trades. In either case, assigning to a VA will assist you grow your company without burning out.

It may be tough to recognise the tipping point for when to employ a virtual assistant, but there are some common signs that it is time to start delegating: you are working long hours on a daily basis. Particularly if a lot of your time is spent doing repetitive or tedious tasks like responding to social network comments or client support e-mails, you may like to think about delegating to a VA. We are speaking about one or more bad week here or there, look for patterns of those long, tedious hours occurring for many weeks in a row.

You are losing clients because you cannot respond to e-mails in a timely manner. Once you begin to lose money because you cannot keep up with your e-mail, you absolutely need help. Losing customers is not an option for a growing business. You are spending your time on less valuable tasks. This is your business, and you should be spending your time adding value to the business in a way only you can.