It’s often said that content is king, and if you’re an aspiring blogger there’s no higher authority. But there’s also something mysterious about great content, especially for those new to the game. So, what’s the secret to creating captivating material?

Well, luckily, producing engaging and ultimately profitable content is something you can learn how to do – below are some tips.

Define your blog’s value proposition and purpose
To be a successful blogger you need an audience and the best place to start is by defining your blog’s value proposition and purpose. The value proposition is all about who your blog aims to help, while the purpose is defined by the question of why it exists at all.

You need tags and categories
You know that publishing regular, good quality content lies at the heart of content marketing. And you know you need to get your content out there, in front of the right audience. Well, using categories and tags is one way to help ensure that people searching for content like yours can actually find it.

Identify your ideal reader
The first step in building an audience is to figure out what you want that audience to look like. You should concentrate on figuring out who you’d love to have reading your blog – who’s your imaginary dream reader, the one you had in mind while you were writing? If you know exactly who would benefit from your blog, what they like and dislike, how they spend their time, and what their other interests are, you can find them more easily, make deeper connections, and serve their needs better. And in the end, that’s what makes the biggest difference: providing the most value possible to your specific readers.

How can you generate exciting new content ideas for your blog?
The first technique you should use is called the expert method. This is about breaking your content categories down into subcategories and topics. Doing so makes for a much more satisfying reading experience, as it allows your blog’s followers to quickly become experts in content categories.

Use the offer method to help your sales
Creating engaging content is one thing, but using it to offer products or services is quite another. How can you convince readers to hit the buy button and turn your blog into a money-maker? That’s where the offer method comes in. The offer method is a technique for designing content that shows readers how your service or products solves problems they didn’t even know they had. It’s a five-step process. At each stage you’ll need to ask yourself what content will take them to the next step.

Keep your brand image consistent
Brand consistency is the pattern of expression that affects what people think about your company. The more consistent your messaging, the more consistent your branding – whether via words, design, offerings or perspective. Your brand should build awareness and develop trust and loyalty with customers.

The takeaway: Think outside of blog posts to more interactive content your customers can rely on for a little help with life’s complicated tasks. No matter the topic, someone will find it boring. Don’t let that rattle you. There is an interesting, intriguing and entertaining story behind every brand. Use these tips to tell yours and your readers won’t be able to get enough.