A business owner should not do everything themselves. When you have a business, you must make sure that there is growth but also make ensure the growth is sustainable. In order to do that, a business owner needs to build systems and processes to hire people to do things for them – this is a crucial step if you are going to scale your business. If you delegate time consuming tasks that distract you from your other objectives your productivity will increase. Here are some tips to help you get outsourcing right:

• Establish how you spend your time.

• Identify tasks to be outsourced. Before hiring a virtual assistant determine your strengths and values as well as your weaknesses.

• When hiring a virtual assistant make sure it is the right fit for you and your business – your selection process will play a big role.

• Communicate your expectations and job requirements clearly – this is vital to build a solid relationship with your virtual assistant.

• Build trust. Learn to delegate and be comfortable with it – learn to relinquish control. Trust is the basis for management and leadership.

Final thoughts…

Virtual assistants not only help boost productivity, but they also help businesses grow in a multitude of ways. If properly utilised, a virtual assistant can become one of the greatest assets in growing your business and lower your business costs without compromising quality and productivity.

We, at Global Virtual Partners, are passionate about helping busy executives and businesses achieve their personal and professional goals. Our clients benefit from a team of virtual assistants. The team is small enough to remain intimate and personal, but large enough to ensure that each client request is completed by a person uniquely qualified for the task.

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