When you run a business, you not only have to make sure that the business is growing in the first place, but you also have to make sure that the growth is consistent. You can’t do everything by yourself! One of the key differences between a “solopreneur” (someone who is the only person in their business), and a business owner is a team. A business owner doesn’t do everything themselves. They build systems and hire people to do things for them. These are necessary steps to building a scalable business that continues to grow, even when they’re not working.

Imagine how productive you could be by delegating time consuming procedures that distract you from your other goals? If you don’t know where to begin, a good place to start is by identifying the areas that take up your time. Entrepreneurs have long seen outsourcing as a strategy reserved for big business, but technology has made it a more accessible tool for small businesses – and for some small firms, outsourcing has made a powerful impact on their growth, productivity and bottom lines. Here are five tips to help you get outsourcing right:

• Build a picture on how you spend your time, download a tool such as A Time Logger that records your activity.

• Identify tasks to be outsourced. If you are going to hire a virtual assistant, you need to start thinking about your business and where within it, you spend your time. Before choosing which tasks, you can farm out, take a hard look at your business and determine your strengths and values.

• Find the right virtual assistant. Before handing over the reins, be sure you’re working with the right partner. While technology makes it much easier than it once was to find capable, reliable outsource providers, the selection process is still vitally important.

• Communicate your expectations and the steps included in the job clearly. Communication is the foundation on which your management relies. You need to convey clear ideas for them to fulfil their assigned tasks without your immediate supervision.

• Build trust. Your final responsibility as a successful outsourcer is to step back, relinquish control, and allow your new team members to do the job you’ve hired them to do. You need some measure of trust.

Virtual assistants not only help boost productivity, but they also help businesses grow in a multitude of ways. If properly utilised, a virtual assistant can become one of the greatest assets in growing your business and lower your business costs without compromising quality and productivity.

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