We, at Global Virtual Partners, have extensive experience supporting all levels of management and companies of all sizes, from small businesses to global firms. We are passionate about helping executives and businesses achieve their personal and professional goals. We know how hard it is to be the face of your business and run it at the same time.

Our IT proficiency matched with an unflappable work ethic and attitude makes us a trustworthy and efficient administrative partners – no task is ever too small.

Our virtual assistant services:

• C-level executive support
• Process improvement
• Project management
• Bookkeeping
• Lifestyle management
• HR administration
• Event management
• Onsite and offsite promotional representation
• Telephone services
• Data entry
• Marketing support
• Graphic/ web design
• Social media management
• Web research

Our team…

Peter Stackliff is the founder of Global Virtual Partners. He started his career at UBS Financial Services where he held positions across the Firm in various groups including marketing, social media, operations, product sales support, and technology. His tenure at UBS was diverse, having worked the front line in client service support to managing teams within the same area. Peter brings his extensive experience from back to front office roles to Global Virtual Partners.

A native New Yorker, Peter has spent his educational years and professional career in both the US and UK. Having graduated from Richmond, the American University in London, he went on to earn his postgraduate degree at Pace University in New York City.

Peter enjoys spending his free time exploring new corners of the world as well as attending NY hometown sports events.

Susana Pires is a Partner of Global Virtual Partners. She spent the last 15 years supporting C-level Executives in international environments. Her experience covers a broad portfolio of HR, board and administrative operations across small and global firms. She decided to take her passion as well as her vast business knowledge and join Global Virtual Partners. Susana has a comprehensive background providing critical executive support and a strong ability to generate solutions to problems where none seemed to exist. Assertive and enthusiastic, with extensive business acumen of process optimisation and an unsurpassed work ethic. She has built a reputation as a self-directed professional with excellent communication, innovative vision and strategic planning skills.

Outside work, Susana enjoys nature and outdoor activities of all kinds. She loves spending time with her family, travelling as well as watching CSI.

Why go virtual?

A fair question. After all, when you need the extra help, hiring someone to work in-person means they are always easy to reach and responsive.

– First, we have our own technology covered, so you pay nothing on the hardware or software front.

– We have our own private office, so not only does that eliminate a sizable expense, it ensures we are not distracted and always available.

– You only pay by the quarter-hour. And that means you are going to save big on downtime.

Achieve a healthy work life balance. If you are trying to manage all aspects of your business alone, things can become very difficult, particularly as your business grows.

How a virtual assistant can make you more productive.

On average, a professional spends 1 day per week on administrative and repetitive tasks. This is valuable time you could be spending on higher-value tasks.

A virtual assistant can help you become a better entrepreneur by handling all the routine but important tasks that need to be tackled enabling you to spend more time on other strategic priorities – ensuring maximum efficiency and productivity.

A virtual assistant can maximize your efficiency and productivity by keeping you organised and managing your time based on your work style. Refocus your mental energy and attention on the tasks that drive growth and value to your business.

You will have more time to focus on the core tasks of your business and your family. Having someone you can trust available 24/7 can be a game-changer for you and your business.

Virtual assistants that will help your business grow!

In today’s dynamic business environment where entrepreneurs are looking to grow their businesses by networking, they often forget the importance of maintaining high levels of productivity at the same time. Virtual assistants are becoming increasingly crucial in this space, particularly in the UK. Virtual assistants not only help boost productivity, but they also help businesses grow in a multitude of ways. If properly utilised, a virtual assistant can become one of the greatest assets in growing your business and lower your business costs without compromising quality and productivity.

Why Global Virtual Partners?

We, at Global Virtual Partners, are passionate about helping busy executives and businesses achieve their personal and professional goals.

We assist all kinds of businesses, be it online or traditional, find great value and profit through the use of virtual professionals. We deliver value for our clients by making processes smarter, organisations more efficient and customer experiences better. We understand business and offer client-focused solutions. Our success depends on developing strong, valued relationships with existing and future clients.

Global Virtual Partners is a one-stop-solution firm for hiring virtual assistants. As a boutique virtual assistant firm, our passion is to make sure you always feel you are our only client and that we have your back. Global Virtual Partners unique model addresses the needs of today’s businesses and their teams. We consolidate all the key areas of business support into a single support model while giving customers the flexibility to choose any service required for their business. We truly understand that your success is our success.

Focus on growing your business and let us do the heavy lifting. Our services are tailored and range from lifestyle management to bookkeeping to ensure the success of your business. We understand your business needs thoroughly. Let us bring order to your life so that you can spend your time living it. Get in touch here to find out more about our services and pricing plans.