You’ve probably heard that if you want prospects clients to find your web site or blogs, you should integrate keywords into your content. But exactly how do you know precisely what keywords your ideal prospects clients are looking for? We have found a couple great on-line tools that will help you with that very thing. Check out the tools below as they help determine which keywords you’ll need to be using, and even more amazing – they are free to use. – is a superb tool for helping company owners and marketers identify which keywords to use to attract their target audience. Simply type in the subject of your blog post in their search function, and you may see actual phrases that internet search engine users are using to find info on that topic.

KWFinder – according to is an all-in-one keyword and SEO tool and analysis platform. Its unique selling proposition is that it helps businesses find keywords that have low SEO difficulty but high search volumes. To put it differently, KWFinder accurately calculates how difficult it is to rank on a search engine results page (SERP) using a given keyword and finds the lowest-cost keyword that delivers the highest SERP ranking.

Wordstream – is a keyword tool providing a free keyword study. Here is how it works – you get 10 free keyword searches up front, then one free keyword search per day going forward. You can e-mail the full free keywords list of keyword suggestions to yourself after your search to save for future use. The web site claims the tool has been designed to generate more accurate keyword suggestions compared to Google Keyword Tool, Google’s AdWords Keyword Tool along with other keyword tools by aggregating over 1 billion distinctive keywords.

Wordtracker – Wordtracker is a keyword research tool that goes all the way back to the birth of SEO back in 1998. The tool was created to try and help online marketers make some sense of the growing search activity in the early days of Google, offering reports on the search terms people were using. Since then, Wordtracker has changed and developed along with the SEO industry itself – adding more and more features to help marketers extract the value from the growing levels of search data available.

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