With the fall of Coronavirus making itself known on a grand scale, it is fair to say that the development of competent remote and virtual teams is now a big priority for most training departments. Adapting to a world wherein travel is limited and social distance is a must makes the capability to do business practically across cultures, nations and time zones vital. It is reasonable to assume that this ability will demarcate businesses that adapt well post Coronavirus and those that do not. For companies that have already embarked upon this journey, most agree that it can take a lot of proactive engagement to make shared working practices and also to embed a collective team ethic.

The following tips are key to the success of most remote and global teams:

1. Allow flexible work hours.
2. Undergo virtual teams training.
3. Organise meetings according to different time zones.
4. Ask for progress reports.
5. Use communication tools.
6. Use management tools.
7. Look for the right kind of people for your team.
8. Harbor a virtual team culture.
9. Be aware of webinar platforms – webinar platforms play a crucial role in communication between the remote and virtual team members.
10. Establish virtual meeting rules – what’s acceptable or not acceptable in meetings, may change across cultures.
11. Use simple English. A key issue for many team members who don’t have English as a first language is the rate at which many native English speakers speak.
12. Find inspiration in famous virtual teams.

Remote work is here to stay, and it is worth it for several reasons: your teams enjoy increased flexibility and control over the way they work. In turn, they are more productive, engaged, and united behind your company mission. The reality of creating a virtual team can be challenging for many managers. If you need help and advice managing your virtual teams, please contact us on +44 (0) 7734 221544 or email us at enquiries@globalvirtualpartners.com.