We are proud of what we do…

Below are some case studies of how some of our clients use our virtual assistant services to improve their business.

Case study 1

The client: Business coach. One of our clients was spending a lot of time managing her diary and trying to juggle her coaching clients. As a sought-after Business Coach she was working with clients locally and in other time zones. While she was capable of managing her diary, the time spent doing it meant she was doing so in between her meetings or after her working hours. Being able to delegate her diary management was the main reason she hired us.

Service provided: Diary management.

The result: In consultation with our client we designed a system that allowed her to glance at her diary and know who she was meeting with, what appointments were tentative and if an appointment had been changed. Juggling appointments, meetings, presentations and personal life can make for a labyrinthine diary that requires serious brainpower to make sense of. But, with our diary management skills our client was able to regain control of her executive diary.

Case study 2

The client: Business consultant. Our client was looking for a virtual assistant to clean up their inbox and manage their email.

Service provided: Email management.

The result: First and foremost, we began by setting appropriate expectations for the client and ourselves. Once we got our client’s login credentials, we logged in to see what kind of situation we were dealing with. Our client used Gmail (which is pretty common), so giving me access to her account was simple. We checked their inbox, labels (or folders) and sub labels. Noted specific problem areas or things we know we could improve upon. For example, our client had dozens of labels and sub labels – no wonder she couldn’t find anything! We could see right away that we needed to consolidate. The next thing we did was conduct a Skype call with the client.

Next, organisation rule #1 was to eliminate! Right off the bat, we decided to get a list of what could go. This will look different for each client – maybe they want to keep everything from a certain date forward or maybe they prefer to eliminate by category.

For my client it was all consumer emails, newsletters, monthly airline frequent flyer statements, bank statements, Groupon, OpenTable, etc.

Lastly, archive. In my client’s case, I quickly realized we would need a separate archive place. The inbox was full and there were dozens of labels and sub-labels.

Case study 3: Online retailer. They had a blog on their website but they weren’t getting many visitors as the blog had no SEO and were not using (therefore linking to) any social media platforms.

Service provided: Blog writing, SEO optimisation.

The result: They had been writing a blog but weren’t really sure who they were writing for. The formatting was inconsistent because they had been pasting straight from Word instead of using the text editor, they didn’t have a clear direction, and their blog wasn’t being found through Google as they didn’t have any SEO or social proof.

At our initial consultation it was decided it would be better forus to train them both on blog Search Engine Optimisation and Twitter rather than do this for them, as they were quite tech-savvy and liked the idea of knowing how to do this for themselves.

Case study 4: Landscape designer. Our client needed help with social networking. He needed help building his company’s presence on social media networks to drive more traffic to his site, cultivate business relationships with potential clients, find partners and like-minded individuals and generate leads to rump up his sales.

Service provided: Social media management.

The result: We carried out a careful research and decided which social networks would add value to his business promotion and should be posted on. We defined a content strategy and created versatile quality content with catchphrases, images and captions related to his line of business. We create streams for mentions, feeds for keywords, monitored statics and kept tabs on competitors progress.

Why Global Virtual Partners?
We, at Global Virtual Partners, have extensive experience supporting all levels of management and companies of all sizes. We are passionate about helping busy executives and businesses achieve their personal and professional goals. Our clients can always count on us to hit the ground running – our success depends on your success. Our IT proficiency matched with an unflappable work ethic and attitude makes us a trustworthy and efficient administrative partner – no task is ever too small. We understand your business needs thoroughly. Let us bring order to your life so that you can spend your time living it.

Our clients benefit from a team of assistants. The team is small enough to remain intimate and personal, but large enough to ensure that each client request is completed by a person uniquely qualified for the task. We are the one-stop solution for busy executives looking for virtual assistants. If you are interested in finding out more about our services, please get in touch here.