Being a business owner is a pretty demanding job: there is a team of staff to run, costs to keep an eye on, business strategy to decide and investors to meet. Finding time for it all is not easy, and even if this time is found, summoning up the energy to complete each task is just as difficult.

Luckily, the modern, technologically advanced world has provided a solution: virtual assistants. A virtual assistant provides various services to entrepreneurs or businesses from a remote location. From digital marketing tasks, scheduling appointments and managing events to personal errands. You can make a virtual assistant do almost anything. Outsourcing your work to staff in other locations allows you to concentrate on what matters. Working with virtual staff is a learning process, but there are tricks to make it easier. Remember: hiring a VA requires just as much attention as hiring a normal employee. Be sure to research the roles you’re hiring and learn for yourself. All good hires start with a good job description. There are thousands of virtual assistants on the market, and you want to find the one that has the skills you need and meshes well with your personality. The first step in making this happen includes writing a solid virtual assistant job description. Here is how.

– Write a clear title with relevant keyword.
– Include a short blip about you or your company.
– Detailed overview of the job position.
– List responsibilities.
– List required skills.
– Include information for applying.

But hiring is just the first step…you have to train them as well. Do not allow your VA to learn through trial and error. Make it clear that you expect them to ask when they need guidance, so that they get it right first time. Once you have trained your VAs your main task is to set up a management system to keep their work efficient. To motivate your VAs to do their best, make sure that they feel part of your team. Finally, be aware of time zones and cultural differences when hiring overseas.

Virtual assistants give you the opportunity to hand over the routine work and focus on what you really love about being a business leader: creativity and innovation. Simply hiring a VA won’t cure all your problems; you’ll need to be smart about it.