As you are browsing available virtual assistants, it may be useful to develop a list of freelancers whom you might wish to interview. You can screen profiles on criteria like technology fit. From project collaboration tools to teleconferencing services, you want a virtual assistant that will slide right into the existing workflow. VAs can give you a helping hand keeping you organised. They are ideal for administrative duties like organising company folders and files and helping with document control. Be specific. For instance, rather than saying you need help upgrading social network, define a job like, compose social network posts based on existing content for the provider’s FB, LI, and Pinterest.

How will we communicate? There are talented VAs located globally, figuring out how you will communicate and share documents is important to plan upfront. Do you need someone in your time zone? Will you be handling most communications through email? Are they going to be using any particular system? You can speed up the project by choosing individuals who’re familiar with the programs they will be working in, like JIRA or Hubspot.

Even though you do not need a complete job description as you’d when hiring an employee, aim to provide enough detail for an entrepreneur to know if they are the right fit for the project. A highly effective virtual assistant job post should include scope of work: from booking travel arrangements to data entry, list all the deliverables you will need. Project duration: your job should indicate if it is smaller or bigger project. Background: if you prefer experience working with specific industries or tools mention this here. Budget: set a spending budget and notice your preference for hourly rates vs. fixed contract rates. Project description: provide a brief description of what the project will entail.

Where are the best places to hire a virtual assistant? There aren’t actually that many bad places to find a VA, it’s more about how you handle the recruitment process and hiring which I’ll explain more about below. Some platforms charge 10-30% in fees to the freelancer (VA), so very often you will pay a lot more when using these platforms. Try and go direct to a VA if you can – there is less “security” when you go direct, but the platform fees soon outweigh any potential loss (if your VA took the money and ran), and that is the only thing a platform might protect you from anyway.

Hiring remote employees can be challenging, as you don’t get to meet and interact with candidates in-person. Instead, you can use video software like Jobma and Spark Hire or simpler tools like Hangouts and Skype.

There are different levels of virtual assistants. Keep in mind that the reason for the large disparity in ranges is that there are different levels of virtual assistant for given skill sets.

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