No matter whether you run an antique shop or a cheese shop, a small business blog will help your business grow. Good content can increase your brand visibility, build your brand reputation and funnel more traffic for your website. With the right blog article content, you can stand out from the competition as a knowledgeable expert in your niche.
Try the following tips when your start your blog:

• Blog consistently. You might consider establishing a positing schedule for consistency.
• Conduct a keyword research. Incorporate keywords into your blog posts that will give you a better chance of ranking higher on search engines.
• Optimize your blog posts length. Generally, longer posts rank best in search engines.
• Include visuals. Images or even videos help viewers engage with your content.
• Address customer questions. Answer your audience’s questions through your blog.
• Incorporate guest contributors. Invite an industry leader to write a blog post. Or, interview another business leader.
• Create a content strategy for your small business blog. As an important part of your web presence, your blog deserves some strategic attention.
• Publish weekly or monthly business roundup.
• Blogging gives you something to share on social media.
• Blogging enables you to show your personality. Blogging in your own voice helps people get to know you.
• Gives you a reason to email customers. A great way to bring past and current customers back to your blog post is to send them a link to the post via email marketing.

In conclusion…

Blogging does not directly generate revenue and it can take a while to see results but it is a cost-effective way to promote your small business and control your online presence. Blogging can position you as an industry expert.

Creating and running a blog starts with research, planning, ideas and consistency. Your blog should be versatile and flexible and it can become your most powerful marketing tool.