Follow these steps to make sure your blog drives traffic to your website, generates leads and converts your audience into paying subscribers!

Know your audience. You need to understand your target audience. What do they like and care about? Having buyer personas comes handy here, you have specific information to help shape your blog ideas.

Choose a topic and working style. So, once you have thought about the kinds of things you audience finds interesting, you need to pick a topic. Pick a topic, choose a working title to keep you focused and start with some research.

Write a captivating intro. Once you are comfortable with the topic you have chosen, start with your introduction. Make the introduction easy to read, interesting from the start and something that really connects with your target audience. Try to identify an experience or capture something is completely relevant to your audience.

Bring your content together. Now that your intro is set, start writing. Bring together all your facts and data, organise your thoughts with clear headers, bullet points and concise paragraphs.

Proofread your post. You are almost finished. Now you go over your blog post a few times to fix anything obvious like typos or awkward sentences. Then consider style, the order of the information, how you have framed your blog. Can it be better, more to the point, clearer? If yes, then start rewriting.

Optimize for on-page SEO. Now you will need to do some of the technical stuff that will help people fins your content. Create a relevant and concise meta description, incorporate anchor text linking to other websites and add alt-text to your images (these few steps are a good start).

Final thoughts…

The best business blogs have certain qualities in common. They’re magnetic. They consistently deliver top-quality content when it’s promised. And they always feature good design, writing, and search engine optimisation (SEO).