Working with VAs may seem easy – obviously all you have to do is search for and hire the right people, right? Well, there’s more to it than that. In fact, you’re likely to make many mistakes on the path to finding perfect VAs.

Hiring a virtual assistant is among the first, yet most important hires that you could make as an entrepreneur. Until you’ve someone on your team that you could delegate specific tasks to, you’ll continue to waste precious time and energy on activities that do not actually contribute to the growth of your business. A key difference between being a solopreneur and the business owner is a team. A company owner does not do everything themselves. They build systems and hire individuals to do things for them. These are needed steps to building a scalable business that proceeds to grow, even when they are not working/ present.

Hiring a team member is a crucial step in making the shift from solopreneur into a business owner – or like Michael E. Gerber, author of the best-selling business book The E Myth would say: from working in your company to working on your company. Having other individuals on your team can help to free up your time so that you can concentrate on the activities that have the greatest impact on your company and income. In this post, I am going to walk you throughout the steps involved with hiring a virtual assistant and share some specific tips and tools to assist you manage virtual staff effectively.

– First, never sacrifice quality for cost. Good VAs aren’t cheap, especially for a start-up. An app developer, for example, costs up to £2500 per month, and a GVA £1000. Although it may seem prudent to hire the least expensive VAs, it’s actually quite reckless.
Remember: these people are like your in-house employees, and you want the best work from them. In the real world, you wouldn’t hire a cheap office manager with no administration experience, so why do it in the virtual one?

– Keep in mind when you are hiring VAs, as with normal employees, is that you have to hire for the role, not the task. Imagine that you need a VA to edit videos for your website. Before you go and find the very best video editor, think first about what else you may want from your digital video VA in the future. In other words, don’t’ just focus on their immediate task. Think about the “bigger picture”.

– Good hires start with a good job description, clear, precise and easily understandable. Use bullet points and be very clear about what you want from your VA, and what experience is required for the job.

– Make sure that job interviews are personal. Use something like Skype or Google Hangouts, and never rely on email.

But hiring is just the beginning…

Do not allow your VA to learn through trial and error! Make it clear that you expect them to ask when they need guidance, so that they get it right first time.

Finally, be aware of time zones. Training for someone living 12 hours away from you has to be well planned in order to be well executed.
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