Global Virtual Partners are your dedicated and trustworthy administrative experts. We have extensive experience supporting all levels of management and companies of all sizes, from small to global firms. Founded by Peter Stackliff, a native New Yorker with extensive experience of financial services operations and Susana Pires, a c-level executive assistant who decided to take her passion as well as her vast business knowledge and join Global Virtual Partners.

We are passionate about helping busy executives and businesses achieve their personal and professional goals. We know how hard it is to be the face of your business and run it at the same time. That is why we want to help you. Outsource your mundane day to day tasks to us while focusing on growing your business.

We are an authentic purpose-driven business. We pride ourselves on being transparent and accountable for everything we do. We develop tailored, unique and innovative strategies to meet each clients’ needs. This specialised approach allows us to remain agile and creative and demonstrates our ability to navigate particularly complex or difficult tasks.

Why hire a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant can be a great asset to any business. We’ve rounded up some of the most compelling benefits of finally hiring a virtual assistant once and for all:

• Reduce operating costs and boost productivity
• Spend more time with your family and friends
• Bridge the skill gap
• Cost effective business scalability
• 24/7 availability

How to decide when the time is right to hire a VA for your business

• Is your mailbox overflowing?
• Have you been staring at the pile of projects sitting on your desk for a while now?
• You spend two hours or more on social media channels promoting your business?
• Speaking of niches, how about your bookkeeping?
• Missing important family commitments?

You can hire a virtual assistant to do all of this for you!

Why Global Virtual Partners?

Our clients can always count on us to hit the ground running – our success depends on your success. Our IT proficiency matched with an unflappable work ethic and attitude makes us a trustworthy and efficient administrative partner – no task is ever too small. We understand your business needs thoroughly. Let us bring order to your life so that you can spend your time living it. If you would like to learn more or discuss how we can aid your business, please get in touch today.