Peter Stackliff is the founder of Global Virtual Partners. He started his career at UBS Financial Services where he held positions across the Firm in various groups including marketing, social media, operations, product sales support, and technology. His tenure at UBS was diverse, having worked the front line in client service support to managing teams within the same area. Peter brings his extensive experience from back to front office roles to Global Virtual Partners.

A native New Yorker, Peter has spent his educational years and professional career in both the US and UK. Having graduated from Richmond, the American University in London, he went on to earn his postgraduate degree at Pace University in New York City.

Peter enjoys spending his free time exploring new corners of the world as well as attending NY hometown sports events.

Global Virtual Partners was born out of an entrepreneurial passion for working with leaders and business owners in a wide variety of industries. We understand systems, we understand technology but what we really understand is that your company is your passion! We are all about a partnership, not a service.

Why Global Virtual Partners?

We have extensive experience supporting all levels of management and companies of all sizes. We are passionate about helping busy executives and businesses achieve their personal and professional goals. Our clients can always count on us to hit the ground running – our success depends on your success.

Our business operations proficiency matched with an unwavering work ethic and attitude makes us a trustworthy and efficient business partner – no task is ever too small.

We understand your business needs thoroughly. Let us bring order to your life so that you can spend your time living it.