A virtual assistant is an individual who provides assistance services to other companies in a remote location. The term originated from the 1990 as the capability to work virtually, due to technology improvements like high speed internet and document sharing. Virtual assistants are specifically in demand by entrepreneurs and on-line companies that need help, but do not want to bring on staff. Nevertheless, many mid and small size businesses use virtual support, specifically for tasks, like social network management. Theoretically, a VA may do anything any other support staff does, except bring the coffee.

Nevertheless, virtual support duties aren’t limited to clerical work. Many VAs offer marketing, web site design, book keeping, along with other services. Some virtual assistants specialise in specific set of skills. For instance, A marketing or PR virtual assistant simply does marketing or PR work. Other virtual assistants do a wide range of duties within a particular industry. For instance, a real estate virtual assistant performs many tasks, but only for realtor clients. Most virtual assistants operate their very own home based virtual assistant business. This allows them to earn more, usually £25 per hour or more depending upon the tasks necessary and have more control over the functions they perform.

Nevertheless, many small businesses hire virtual assistants in a job or contract position. These VAs generally earn £10 to £20 per hour depending upon the set of skills required. Lastly, Many VAs use freelance websites or micro work websites to find rapid, time limited projects. These do not generally pay well, but they can offer a start to a brand-new VA business. Although virtual support is a great home business idea, getting virtual help is crucial for home company owners to maximise income and facilitate growth. As a home business owner, there always comes a time at which it is impossible to do everything oneself, at least well enough to be efficient and effective. Hiring a virtual assistant frees up your time so that you can concentrate on the work which will generate revenue.